Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I have now been in China for almost 4 months. It is at this point that my cultural adjustment is the most tangible and recognizable. I can look back and see my process of integration.

During the past 4 months, I've experienced 3 major states: (1) Wow....China, (2) Damn China!, (3) This is China. Right now I am continually bouncing between all three.

It is also startling and remarkable to be surrounded by people, things and places that are unrecognizable. I, as a result, am unrecognizable. At times, this is particularly uncomfortable. But it is also in this state that one is able to discover new aspects of ourselves. So that is where I am: unrecognizable to everything and everyone around me and at times, unrecognizable to myself. Let it Go, So it goes, Let's us Grow.

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