Thursday, September 6, 2007

Yo, I'm 30!

Luckily, Miz. Almond came all the way to freakin' China to help me celebrate!

Here we are with Mao...
With one of the many groups of Chinese tourists that wanted to take a photo with us that day...just because we aren't Chinese.

Chillin' in the Forbidden City...
Stlyin' on The Great Wall...
Posin' with Chinese Jack White...(we met him at the Beijing Pop Music Festival)

And generally being crazy!

Yunnan Province, China

Sweet little town of Lijiang...ancient and walled with canals along the way.

2 day trek in Tiger Leaping Gorge...we begin our ascent.

After about 6 hours of hiking...up...we made it to Halfway Guest House.
This was the view from the bathroom.


Once we got to Vietnam, my travel companions and I went our separate ways....I took a bus into Hoh Chi Minh City.
But I immediately met an amazing young Australian woman named Lynsey, who I must have known in another life or something...we proceeded to high tail it out of the city and straight to the beach. We then made a slow ascent up the coast of Vietnam.

Motorbikes, much fun!

Night train to Hanoi!
Once in Hanoi, Arturo met back up with us and we all went on a 3 day cruise in Halong Bay.

This one manages to sleep anywhere!
Life is so hard on the boat.

Next and final stop was in the mountains of Sapa, Vietnam. Arturo and I rented a motorcycle and rode through the mountains meeting the amazing H'mong people.