Saturday, February 23, 2008

Goodbye Thomas

My cat Thomas passed away last week so I just wanted to take a moment to recount some of his best moments and his favorite things . Most of you had either known him yourself or listened to me describe his many virtues. He was an amazing animal. Completely intuitive, intelligent and independent. And I say that in all seriousness. He could completely communicate what he wanted and knew what was going on with the people around him. If his bowl was empty, he would attack your leg as if to say, don't leave, I'll starve. And if you were upset, he would quietly keep you company. In one of my apartments, he came and went through a cat door set up in a window. One night around 3 in the morning he arrived with a live rabbit and presented it to me on my bed. When he let go of it all hell broke loose as I chased the terrified creature around my apartment in order to set him free again. He was quite a hunter and resourceful in other ways. I remember him, when he was still pretty small, jumping into the kitchen trash can and jumping back out with a pork chop bone in his mouth, which was about the size of his body. When I moved to New York, he went to live with my mom and John in Florida, as I knew he would never be happy as a house cat. They quickly fell in love as well and took great care of him. All my thanks to them. So here are some of Thomas' favorite things: Fresh water (daily), pounce of any flavor, hunting on a cool spring night, licking ice cream or yogurt from a spoon, scratching behind the ears, napping undisturbed for hours on end, and generally getting what he wants. I have never felt as connected to an animal as I did to Thomas. Although he had not lived with me for a few years now, each time I went home he would welcome me back and sleep with me almost everynight I was there. I loved him very much and will miss him greatly. We remember him fondly and adoringly. Goodbye Thomas.